Friday, 20 January 2012

In The Zone

It's getting late on Friday evening, but I'm only just about to leave the epiGenesys office. In fact, several other members of the team only left a couple of hours ago. As they left I was asked via twitter:

"How have you got such a hard working team? You need to inspire me."

I wasn't sure how to answer at first, and the closing of my reply was:

"Maybe because they're all brilliant?"

I've been thinking about this whilst finishing a few small tasks. I still don't really have an answer that sounds sufficiently inspirational. The best I can come up with is that every member of the team is passionate about what they do.

I work with a pretty interesting team really, with lots of different personalities. There are some members who play by the rules and some who do what they like, some who are very persistent and some who avoid any conflict, some who focus on doing one thing well and some who turn their hand to anything, the list goes on and on. The one thing we all seem to have in common is a belief that our work is important, and what naturally follows from this is a lot of personal effort.

Our work is almost as varied as the team. We generally distinguish it into two parts: business, where we deliver software projects to earn money, and education, where we deliver training and mentoring to students in computer science and software engineering. Many of our business projects are now in the areas of education and research, maybe enabling a university department to operate more efficiently or helping a research study to collect and analyse data more effectively. I've always highly valued education and research, it's vital as humans that we learn and discover, so being able to combine these with my love for software development is perfect. This only gets better when combined with our educational activities, and for me it is genuinely fulfilling that our social enterprise approach means our profits are used to enable these to happen. There's also nothing I find more motivating to develop my skills and experience than having the opportunity to share these with others.

I hope this post was sufficiently inspirational. In short there is nothing at all special about any of us working late, what's important is that we were doing so because we wanted to make something happen. I'm sure there are plenty of other things about the team and how we work that help this along, so perhaps I've just discovered an interesting theme for some future posts.

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